Hannu Vasara, Petteri Pitko and Jussi Seppänen. Photo: Juuso Westerlund.
Fri 27.7.2018 09.00 pm Pati de Ses Minyones, Mallorca
Setmana de música antigua

Musica tramontana

Music from both sides of the Alps and beyond


FiBO Players:
  Hannu Vasara, violin
  Jussi Seppänen, cello
  Petteri Pitko, harpsichord


The mountains of the Alps separate the Italian peninsula from the German-speaking Europe, and in the Italian language, a north wind is called ’tramontano’. Tramontano or oltramontano can also be used to name people who come from behind the mountains, foreigners from the other side.

Throughout centuries, people have moved from the north to the south, to the green fields of Italy and to the sources of antique Roman culture. In Baroque times, composers and musicians travelled to Italy to learn and to be inspired, but on the other hand, many Southern musicians travelled to try their luck in the metropoles and courts of Northern Europe. The Italian violin music that developed in the 17th century spread around Europe with travelling musicians and printed music. The new violin style, born in the hands of Castello and other early masters, bloomed in the music of Arcangelo Corelli, and especially his sonata collection Opus 5 served as a model for coming generations.

During the latter half of the 18th century, Italy was still a musical role model for many composers, especially what came to opera. The young Mozart experienced his first great successes as a composer on the Italian opera stages. Joseph Haydn again never visited Italy, but he knew the music inside out.

Pieces from our own time bring a Nordic air to the concert. Olli Virtaperko’s and Paavo Heininen’s solo compositions for cello and British Barry Guy’s duo for Baroque violin and harpsichord will be performed.

Duration: 1 h (no intermission)