Drawing: Christer Nuutinen
Sat 4.8.2018 03.00 pm Verkatehdas, Hämeenlinna
Hippalot Arts Festival for Children

Four Seasons

A concert for the whole family


Peter Spissky, violin
FiBO Players


The Four Seasons concert is a moderated orchestra concert constructed around one of the most famous Baroque works – Antonio Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. The concert presents musical elements from the Four Seasons, examples of the natural phenomena that Vivaldi describes musically, and whole parts of the Four Seasons concertos. The audience is invited to participate in the concert in many ways, e.g. with singing and music movements. The instruments of the Baroque orchestra and the orchestra formation are presented during the concert, and the audience will have the chance to try conducting the orchestra. The concert is animated with background images and speaks, which enlighten the history and background of both Vivaldi and the Four Seasons concertos.

Age recommendation: 5+

Duration: 50 minutes (no intermission)