Pauliina Fred and Hanna Haapamäki. Photo: Jaakko Paarvala.
Sun 16.12.2018 03.00 pm Kallio Church, Helsinki
Yleisradio's Christmas Concert

Where'er you walk

Händel's tenor arias and German instrumental music


Juho Punkeri, tenor
Hanna Haapamäki, recorder
Pauliina Fred, traverso
FiBO Players


Georg Friedrich Händel, who moved from Germany to England and became a top composer there, was first and foremost a composer of grand works and vocal music. Händel is one of the main characters of this year’s Yle Radio Christmas Concert, and we will hear several of his beloved tenor arias from e.g. Semele, Samson and Messiah. Behind them were Händel’s favourite tenor John Beard, who performed in almost all of Händel’s oratorios. Beard was known for his powerful and stable voice, characteristics that were not yet part of the Baroque singing ideals, shaped by high-pitched male castrato voices. The cooperation between Beard and Händel indicated a dawning transition towards the strong-voiced tenor hero of later times.

Georg Philipp Telemann was an extremely productive composer, who was especially accomplished what came to identifying the characteristics of each instrument. His concerto for recorder and traverso in E minor is presumably the only concerto composed for this specific combination. It was typical for German Baroque composers to be influenced by surrounding folk styles, and Telemann was especially talented with this. In addition to the Italian and French styles, he worked with Polish elements that he had been acquainted with while working at the court in Sorau (nowadays Żary). The finale of the double concerto is a fast-paced Polish folk dance.

Yle’s Christmas Concert is a part of Euroradio’s (EBU) Christmas Music Day, when about one hour long concerts will be broadcast during the whole day across Europe and North America. Yle’s concert has been broadcast directly from Kallio Church already 24 times. The concert traditionally begins with the Melody for The Bells of Kallio Church by Sibelius.

Duration: 1 h (no intermission)