Meeri Pulakka. Photo: Ulla Nikula.
Wed 8.5.2019 01.00 pm Musiikkitalo, Helsinki
AUF Series

Brexit Music

English Baroque


Meeri Pulakka, soprano
FiBO Players


Throughout centuries, the geographic isolation of the British Isles from continental Europe and its simultaneous internationality have influenced the culture of the area. 17th century English music reflects these two opposite tendencies well. The stormy century was divided by a civil war and a consequent short period of republicanism, whose strict religious atmosphere paralysed cultural life. When monarchy was reinstated, the theatres opened their doors and music was played again. The court, returning from exile, brought with it new continental impulses that had fruitful effects on the musical life. The French and Italian influences blended naturally with the British traditions and gave rise to very original music.

Lutist and composer John Dowland, who lived at the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries, worked for a short time in his career for Christian VI, King of Denmark. Matthew Locke, again, worked at the English court, and he is best known for his masques and theatre music. The production of talented Henry Purcell, who died young, is the prime example of the meetings between continental influences and British culture, and he is considered the most significant English composer of the 17th century.

The concert is part of Avanti!’s, UMO’s, and FiBO’s joint concert series AUF. The other concerts in the series are Avanti!'s A Mad Song on Saturday 23rd March at 3 pm and UMO's Silent Music on Thursday 18th April at 1 pm.

Duration: 1 h (no intermission)